Euauservice on how to buy an executive car from a European auction

A luxury car is a different level of comfort, technology and status on the road. It is no wonder why cars of the appropriate class from brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are in such demand among the target audience of individuals and corporate clients.

If you read reviews about Euauservice, you will understand that you can buy such a car from a European auction not only in the dealership or from resellers in the local secondary market, but also directly from a European auction. The mentioned company, for example, offers supercars, premium crossovers and used executive sedans purchased at German auctions.

Why is it beneficial?

Luxury cars are a separate segment of the market. Finding great deals, especially among models with low mileage and a fresh year of manufacture, is not so easy.

Another thing is cars of leasing or advertising companies, cars that were at exhibitions, test drives, promotions. They, as a rule, after completing a certain task of the owner, are sold at auctions.

The Euauservice company mentioned above buys them and prepares them for shipment to other countries. According to company representatives, the total savings when buying a car at an auction, as well as taking into account the subsequent deduction, range from 30 to 40%. This is an impressive amount of savings anyway, considering the fact that cars are usually in good technical condition.

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How to buy an executive sedan?

Despite the fact that the company is actually located in Europe, customers from other countries can use its services.

To view the catalog of sedans and other cars, including unique Porsche or Lamborghini models, it is enough to request the current range of cars available from a consultant. The list of cars and other equipment is updated all the time. Conditions, mileage, equipment, year of manufacture can also be clarified with a specialist.

Among the payment formats (if you have already made your choice) there is a classic option with an advance payment, after which the car is bought and prepared for shipment.

Cars are delivered to the countries of the Arab countries in a rather short time – 14-17 days.

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