Levy On Crypto Transactions To Raise $24M In Biden’s Budget

Levy On Crypto Transactions To Raise $24M In Biden’s Budget

  • Biden’s budget plans to lower drug prices, raise some business taxes, reduce fraud and cut wasteful spending.
  • It will also propose changing the tax treatment of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Even though the budget expects opposition from Republicans, there is hope for the budget plan.

US President Joe Biden’s impending 2024 fiscal budget is believed to raise $24 million by changing the tax treatment of cryptocurrency transactions. White House Deputy Press Secretary Emilie Simons took to Twitter to provide a peek into President Biden’s budget blueprint that plans to save “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

According to a report, the budget will propose changing the tax treatment of cryptocurrency transactions. It is expected to raise $24 billion. As per the administration, the sales are not subject to the same wash-sale rule that applies to stocks and bonds. In this scenario, people can sell their underwater crypto investments, take a tax-deductible loss, and buy right back into the same investment.

The budget plan is expected to be released on Thursday and will lay out the themes of focus for the next two years and the President’s expected re-election campaign. The US President is estimated to present a defense budget of more than $835 billion, which is higher than last year’s request.

White House officials say that the budget will also cover insurance companies that run Medicaid Managed Care programs in a proposal that would save $20 billion over 10 years. Furthermore, the White House reports that by imposing new rules on the pharmaceutical industry, a series of new prescription drug-related proposals would save more than $200 billion over a decade.

Additionally, the budget will extend to providing provisions for commercial health insurance in climate, healthcare, and tax legislation that demands drug makers pay Medicare rebates on expensive treatments. The proposal will also provide access to prevention and treatment options for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, which will lower Medicaid costs by $10 billion over a decade.

Another segment mentioned in the proposal is the tax priorities, including a new minimum tax on wealthy individuals’ unrealized capital gains and a quadrupled tax on stock buybacks. Biden plans to raise the minimum tax by 5% more than the 20% from last year, along with raising individual rates to 39.6% from 37% and the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%.

Although each of these proposals was crafted with the utmost care, the officials say most of them were weighed in the last Congress; however, it did not become law. With the Republicans expecting to oppose many of Biden’s plans, there is hope that the budget will start long-term negotiations with lawmakers.

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