Trade Fee On Uniswap Stands At 140 $ETH, Tweets Crypto Analysis Firm

Trade Fee On Uniswap Stands At 140 $ETH, Tweets Crypto Analysis Firm


  • Uniswap’s $ETH fees for each trade were $140 according to IncomeSharks tweet.
  • Maverick Protocol launched its decentralized exchange with a unique AMM engine for better revenue.
  • Maverick’s dynamic AMM lets investors maximize revenues with a customizable liquidity distribution tool.

Crypto market education and analysis platform IncomeSharks tweeted on March 11 that the $ETH fees for each trade on Uniswap stood at $140 at the time of posting.

Meanwhile, IncomeSharks also shared that $WETH was back to $1655, against $USDC. According to the image attached to the tweet, $WETH was noted to make a jump of 18.5% in value, in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the price increased from $1657.27 to $1623.27.

Recently, Uniswap (UNI) might have cracked the code to mass adoption by launching an advanced mobile wallet, which it claims is a fully self-custodial, open-source app that can be accessed through Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Testflight as a limited edition.

The wallet’s key features are simplicity and versatility, which could make the cryptocurrency ecosystem more accessible to non-native users. Experts believe that Uniswap’s move to debut its own wallet may inspire other top players in the field to do the same.

However, major competition looms over Uniswap since Maverick Protocol has launched its own decentralized exchange on Ethereum, powered by a native smart-contract-based, automated market-making (AMM) engine.

Moreover, the platform allows investors to earn more revenue than on UniSwap, a top DEX. Maverick’s entry into the space comes amid increasing demand for decentralized trading venues following the collapse of the FTX exchange and concerns about the stability of centralized exchanges.

Maverick’s chief technology officer, Bob Baxley added,

By giving LPs the option to choose if and how their liquidity moves with price in a given pool – something that no other AMM does natively – Maverick enables markets to run more efficiently, resulting in more consistent fee generation.

The platform’s unique feature is its dynamic automated market maker, which allows investors to capture more fees and maximize revenues through a customizable liquidity distribution tool.

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