What is Splinterlands and how to earn money playing it?

The development of blockchain technology and the growing adoption of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are two factors that have contributed to the proliferation of play-to-earn collectible games. Play-to-earn (P2E) games allow players to gain benefits by participating in the game, such as in-game currency and items.

This creates a new dynamic where players can profit from their in-game actions, enhancing the fun and purpose of the gaming experience. Additionally, the usage of NFTs and blockchain technology in play-to-earn games gives players greater ownership and scarcity, which increases demand and can result in higher prices for exclusive in-game commodities. Play-to-earn games like Splinterlands are thus attracting a wider audience of players and investors.

Create an account

Purchase a Summoner’s Spellbook

Create a Hive Keychain account

Connect your Hive Keychain Wallet with your Splinterlands account

Build your team

Play battles

Earn rewards

Upgrade cards


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